San Diego Post and Rail Fence

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San Diego Wood Fence Company can build the perfect post and rail fence for whatever need you have.

We have the tools and the talent to build a fence that will last for years and look great while doing it. In fact, we already have quite the following all over San Diego County. With just one call to us, you’ll soon understand why. 

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What Is A Post and Rail Fence?

The above may sound fine and good, but if you’re unfamiliar with fence terminology, post and rail can be a challenge to the mind’s eye.

So what is it exactly?

Simply put, a post and rail fence is one where the rails (round pieces of wood) rest on top of posts. There is usually a gap between the rails, making it perfect for putting things like plants or flowers in.

Think of the fences you see along rustic country roads. Horses graze behind them. Cows. A few nanny goats. Maybe the ghost of Jack Palance is leaning against a far away tree. Now you get the idea of the post and rail fence.

Why Would I Want A Post and Rail Fence?

Besides calling forth the ghost of Jack Palance, there are all sorts of reasons to want a post and rail fence. Maybe you want to define your property line, or keep animals in (or out). Perhaps you have a beautiful view that you want to show off, or maybe you just like the look of a traditional post and rail fence.

No matter what your reason, San Diego Wood Fence Company can build the perfect post and rail fence for you. We have all the latest and greatest tools, as well as the years of experience that come with being in business for many years.

How Do You Install A Post and Rail Fence?

Installing a post and rail fence is a pretty simple process, but it’s best to leave it to the professionals. We’ll generally keep the posts about 6 feet apart, and about 5 feet high. We’ll also make sure that the holes we dig are at least 3 times the width of each post.

When you call San Diego Wood Fence Company you’ll get professional installation of your new fence every time.

Do I Have To Live In The Country?

Nope! A post and rail fence can be a great addition to any property, no matter how urban or suburban it is. In fact, we’ve installed quite a few post and rail fences in San Diego neighborhoods over the years (where goats aren’t even allowed).

Will The Hot San Diego Weather Damage A Post and Rail Fence?

The hot San Diego weather can certainly take a toll on unprotected wood, but our fences are built to last. We use the best materials and construction techniques, so your fence will withstand even the harshest of weather conditions.

We can make your new fence out of tough materials such as redwood, cedar, or pressure-treated pine. All of these stand up to the sun quite well.

So if you’re thinking about getting a post and rail fence, or just want to learn more about them, give us a call at 619-304-9682. We’ll be more than happy to chat with you and answer any questions you may have.

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